Admission to the park is free, so you only pay for the rides you go on!

Wristbands: “Unlimited Racing Pass”

Wristband allows you to ride the tracks and use other attractions as many times as you like on the given day. Each wrist band has no limit on number of rides you can use. The actual number of rides you will get depends upon the number of people waiting in line at the time. Wristbands are non-transferable and may not be shared.

Wristbands Cost
Adults RD$500
Children RD$400

Children 12 years and under (52” and under)


If you have only little time to spend in our park or you want to go on a particular track or attraction you can buy a ticket.

Track/Attraction Cost
Cyclone RD$150
Sprint 500 RD$150
Grand Prix  
Single Car Driver RD$100
Double Car Driver & Passanger RD$150
Double Car Passenger only RD$50
Bumper Cars RD$60

Tickets are valid only for the day of the purchase. One ticket will purchase one ride that lasts 7-8 minutes.

Note: In case of sudden bad weather “rain”, purchased wristbands can be signed by the park  administration and be used for any other day. No cash refunds!