Fun City Action Park features three great tracks in one location: Cyclone, Grand Prix and Sprint 500. These tracks are finest in the Dominican Republic and unique in their layout, design and safety features.

Cyclone Track

If you are ready for a hair-raising ride you are on the right track. This 1,066 ft (325 meters) long track is sure to be a challenge even to the experienced go-kart driver. Show your friends who is the boss!

Driver (must be 60” tall).

Grand Prix Track

This track is Park’s longest, family oriented track. This 1,476 ft (450 meters) long track features single and double-seated karts, to assure that everyone in the family has a great time.

Driver (must be 52” tall).
Passenger (must be 40” tall).

Sprint 500

Climb behind the wheel and enjoy fast-paced action on our 590 ft (180 meters) long, high banked oval track. This track features scale replicas of real Sprint and Midget Cars and they will get your adrenaline pumping. Test your racing skills with up to 10 other drivers on wheel to wheel race.

Driver (must be 60” tall).

At Fun City Action Park your safety always is our main priority. Each of our tracks is closely supervised and our go-karts are professionally maintained.

Many go-kart tracks use old tires along the track as their protective barriers because old tires cost nothing. Fun City Action Park spent over US$100,000 building an innovative Steel rail & Rubber bumper blocks system that maximizes safety, space and does not bread mosquitoes as old tires do. Our ¾” x 6” steel rail and 4” x 12” rubber bumper blocks system is designed to slide the kart along the rail if impact occurred. In the unlikely event a kart should hit the rail head on, there is enough flexibility built into the rail system to cushion the impact.

We are proud of our 100% safety record since park opening in April 2000.